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Letter: Opiates prescribed unnecessarily

A New York audit found 325,000 errors and

A New York audit found 325,000 errors and inconsistencies in prescriptions filled for painkillers. (Nov. 21, 2012) Credit: Bluestocking

Beware of opiates in your cabinets and prescriptions that need not be filled [“Hospitals’ new front in addiction fight,” News, March 6].

As a registered nurse at a local hospital, I saw prescriptions for pain pills given to patients unnecessarily. When patients were discharged, I cautioned them not to fill these prescriptions if they were unneeded. Often, pain medication prescriptions were given even though they weren’t even being taken during hospitalization! I would caution my patients of the danger of having unnecessary pain meds and prescriptions in their homes.

Easy access at home is dangerous not only to the patient, but to others who might abuse the pills. The public is not aware of how easily opiates become addictive.

Diane McGuireside, Northport