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Letter: Opportunistic move to highway dept.

Republican Daniel Losquadro currently represents New York's 2nd

Republican Daniel Losquadro currently represents New York's 2nd Assembly District. Photo Credit: Gregory A. Shemitz

In November, Daniel Losquadro defeated Nicholas Deegan for a term in the State Assembly. In his campaign, Deegan probably tried to raise money, shook many hands, knocked on many doors, walked many miles, worked very hard, and devoted much time to try to defeat Losquadro. But now barely two months into the two-year Assembly term, Losquadro has found greener pastures in the Brookhaven Highway Department ["Losquadro sworn in and names top deputy," News, March 13].

I don't know what Deegan stands for politically, but I feel sorry for him. His hard work was wasted in losing to a candidate who quit the office so soon. Deegan's supporters were deprived of the service of someone they voted for.

State law allows for a special election to fill Losquadro's seat. But the law should be amended, so that if an elected official leaves office before serving half of his term, his runner-up automatically assumes the office in his place. This might prevent candidates who want to serve the people from being robbed of an opportunity to do so by political opportunists like Losquadro who breach the contract they make with their constituents upon winning an election.

John Massaro, St. James