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Letter: Opposed to housing in Carmans plan

Swans at the Carmans River in South Haven

Swans at the Carmans River in South Haven County Park in Brookhaven. (March 29, 2012) Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

In the article "Alternate Carmans plan drafted" [News, April 3], Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko advises us that, "Any new plan needs to be based on science, not political expediency."

Assuming that Lesko confines science to the environmental factors affecting the Carmans, he is correct. The method by which development will be steered to other areas is a political question.

Considering the dramatic increase in housing density that three-story apartments built on relatively small parcels would bring to villages like Medford, it is little wonder that community resistance has arisen.

The Carmans could be protected through rezoning or an eminent domain land-taking, requiring no redirection of development to other areas within the Town of Brookhaven.

If preserving the Carmans watershed is the true objective, then either method would efficiently achieve that goal. There is no "scientific" need to destroy the character of neighborhoods.

William Heiselman, Medford