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Letter: Overly focused on winning office

The Internet health insurance exchange on Oct.

The Internet health insurance exchange on Oct. 21, 2013. Credit: Getty Images

"Health care miscues worry Obama allies" [News, Nov. 10] shows exactly what's wrong with our elected officials today. The emphasis is on how one party or the other will fare in the 2014 and 2016 elections, instead of how the average American is being hurt by this disaster called the Affordable Care Act.

Americans are losing the insurance we were happy with and can't even sign up for new insurance because the Obama administration didn't test the sign-up process adequately. Some companies are discontinuing their employer-provided coverage and telling workers to find insurance on their own.

The first priority for our elected officials should be to save what is good about the Affordable Care Act and get rid of what isn't. Both parties should work with the president to make sure Americans can find jobs that pay them a living wage. They should pass laws that don't set one group of people against another. They should make decisions that will move this great country forward.

Gira Freiberg, Plainview