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Letter: Panel’s tax work can’t come too soon

People stand in line to sign-in to vote

People stand in line to sign-in to vote regarding the school budget at Greenport High School on May 15, 2012. Credit: Randee Daddona

I’m pleased to read that someone has said that raising property taxes to fix budgets is unsustainable [“New look at tax strategies for Island,” News column, Oct. 23].

I’ve been contemplating moving off Long Island because property taxes are much less elsewhere. I would like to propose a tax per gallon on gasoline to be used toward the school portion of property taxes.

This would be fair. Even the student who drives himself to school in a gas-guzzling Mustang would pay toward his education, while a senior citizen who has less need to drive would pay less!

We would also contribute to energy conservation as citizens would try to use less gas to save money.

Salvatore Verzino, Selden