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Letter: Paramount reason to oppose abortion

Pro-choice activists with the National Organization For Women

Pro-choice activists with the National Organization For Women hold a vigil outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC. (January 23, 2012 ) Credit: Getty Images

In “GOP hopefuls must look past social issues” [Letters, Jan. 22], a reader writes, “When I talk to some Republican voters, I’m struck by their dogmatic adherence to vote on a single issue, such as abortion rights . . . These issues ultimately don’t affect them because no one is making them get an abortion.”

In the 1860s, white Yankees fought and died in a war to end slavery. How perplexing — no one was enslaving them. In Nazi Germany, gentiles died to stop state-sponsored genocide. How puzzling — no one was hauling them off to gas chambers.

With abortion, the most basic human right is being denied to society’s most vulnerable humans. It shouldn’t be hard to understand that for many people, such a travesty of justice must be of paramount concern.

M. Celeste Cole, Manhasset