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Letter: Pastor maybe made man's life worse

.Lamb's Chapel's lead pastor, Mike Jankowski, discovered a

.Lamb's Chapel's lead pastor, Mike Jankowski, discovered a masked intruder inside his 400-member church before dawn on Thursday, managed to tackle the suspect -- using his 6-foot-1, 250-pound frame -- and call 911. (March 8, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Ed Betz

I was amused by the story about the pastor catching a burglary suspect and then praying for him while waiting for the police ["Pastor on burglary suspect he nabbed," News, March 9].

I especially enjoyed the quote, "I said there was a different way to live. He didn't have to live this way -- that there was hope for him. And he was crying and shouting that he wanted to die."

I wonder if having him arrested before finding out his circumstances was the Christian thing to do. The man will now be in the criminal justice system, and his life, no matter how bad it was, has become a lot worse.

Jim Durnan, Wading River