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Letter: Pipeline progress is wrong direction

Some of about 500 miles worth of coated

Some of about 500 miles worth of coated steel pipe manufactured by Welspun Pipes, Inc., originally for the Keystone oil pipeline, is stored in Little Rock, Ark. Credit: AP, 2012

I have many family members who have served this country's military, and I am proud of them, but not so much of this country anymore. We must stop the planet-killing Keystone XL pipeline ["Judge blocks pipeline route," News, Feb. 20].

Why has it taken so long for us to catch up on development of hybrid cars? Where are the leaders to take us in a new direction that could save the planet and create jobs and excitement for new technology? Why are we so far down in the rankings for health care and education? Why are we so caught up in serving the needs of corporations instead of the people?

Laura Matturro, Smithtown