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Letter: Please don’t remake ‘The Honeymooners’

See where

See where "The Honeymooners" falls on critic Verne Gay's list of the 75 most memorable TV casts of all time. Credit: AP

Thank you, Verne Gay, for your column on why modernizing “The Honeymooners” is such an unthinkable idea [“CBS’ moonshot,” Flash!, Dec. 16]. It’s akin to four upstart musicians deciding the world needs a new version of the Beatles.

When I launched a “Honeymooners” fan club — the Royal Association for the Longevity & Preservation of ‘The Honeymooners,’ aka RALPH — it was because the show was off the air in many TV markets and fans were starved for the Kramdens and Nortons.

And when our group staged conventions at LIU Post, fans showed up in costumes, quoting zingers from the show and reveling in the fact that they were among like-minded fans.

Who do the geniuses behind this idea think will watch the new show? Not fans of the original.

So, to paraphrase Ralph Kramden — who would run for the hills from a crazy hare-brained scheme like this one — this is not a regular riot!

Peter Crescenti, Huntington Station