Plum Island's research lab will soon be a thing of the past for eastern Long Island, and that's good ["Plum I. plan panned," News, Oct. 19].

Since 1947, when the War Department built it as a biological warfare research facility, it has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of horrible and needless deaths of all types of animals from mice to dogs and cats, to horses and cows. Most of these died in the name of science.

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We now have an opportunity to give Plum Island a positive mission and one that will create many more jobs. That is to convert it to an alternative energy research facility. It lends itself perfectly to this with its unique location. Tidal, wind and solar energy, just to name a few, could be refined there and perhaps 500 jobs could be created.

To turn it over to the Group for the East End will do only one thing: Enrich their coffers.

Bill Smith, Shelter Island

Editor's note: The writer is the former executive director of Fish Unlimited, a Shelter Island environmental group.