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Letter: Plum Island could be energy hub

Plum Island is seen in an aerial photo

Plum Island is seen in an aerial photo on May 20, 2010. Photo Credit: Doug Kuntz

As a long-standing naturalist familiar with Long Island's flora and fauna and a resident of the East End, I agree with your editorial recommending that the unbuilt part of Plum Island become a wildlife refuge once it is retired as a federal animal disease laboratory ["Begin to plan for Plum Island future," Aug. 22].

I also think the area should be used to generate electricity from solar, wind and hydraulic sources. Solar panels and wind turbines could be located in the area that is already developed, while tide, current and wave generators could be situated close by offshore.

What's more, such green facilities could be installed while the lab is still functioning.

Larry Penny, Sag Harbor