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Letter: Pointing fingers at wealthy people

A stock image of a pile of money.

A stock image of a pile of money. Credit: iStock

It seems the writer of "A proposal for sharing the wealth" [Letters, Dec. 29] has drunk the Kool-Aid. Regardless of what the government says, there is nothing fair about the redistribution of wealth.

It always ends up that those redistributing the money find themselves with it instead. Take a look at Congress and how many millionaires make up that body.

Who is this writer to judge whether a private person makes too much money? Unlike politicians, corporate executives actually have to answer to someone: the shareholders. How would it be a "win-win" to take 10 percent of a chief executive's earnings?

Here's an idea. The writer should give 10 percent of his salary to someone less fortunate.

By the way, the writer failed to mention how much in taxes those corporate executives pay. Our government will take far more than 10 percent for the benefit of all.

It's not moral to take money from someone and give it to another, unless you're a socialist or Robin Hood.

Kathy Whelan, Bellmore