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Letter: Police make much more than teachers

Students raise their hands in a classroom.

Students raise their hands in a classroom. Credit: istock

Mayor Peter T. Imbert stated in Newsday that the base pay for an Amityville police officer is $109,000 ["Tentative $14.5M budget unveiled," News, March 28], which he said is similar to that of a teacher.

The Amityville teacher earns $47,439 as a base salary and works nearly 25 years before seeing six figures.

Imbert's pride in his police force is apparent. His statement regarding teachers' salaries is grossly inaccurate and unfair to the hardworking teachers of Amityville who, in the midst of troubling labor negotiations, do not need misinformation circulated to discredit their already battered profession.

Carolyn Dodd, Amityville

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Amityville Teachers' Association.