In response to “Trump’s message could endanger nation” [Letters, April 28], political correctness is not about politeness, civility or the feelings of others.

I oppose political correctness because, in the name of civility, it shuts down speech.

We must tell those who use excuses to shut down speech that theirs are not the only voices. We need people to learn how to control themselves, use their brains to debate and exchange ideas with those with whom they disagree. They also need to learn that sometimes they may be upset about a debate’s outcome. Grow up and learn.

Thomas C. Caro, Levittown


It never ceases to amaze me how soon people forget history [“Trump’s foreign policy,” News, April 28]. It really wasn’t that long ago, during World War II, that we were reminded, “Loose lips sink ships.”

One of the basic tenets of military strategy is to never let the enemy know what you are going to do. Well, whether or not you like Donald Trump, that basic tenet should always prevail.

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Elgin Alexander, Smithtown