As a Democrat, I find myself in the unprecedented position of defending Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), a politician far to my right on almost all issues.

A few nights ago, I heard WABC-radio conservative flamethrower Mark Levin call King "a quisling" for not marching in lockstep with the tea party faction of his party ["Don't repeat shutdown crisis," Editorial, Oct. 18]. Levin questioned the propriety of linking funding of the U.S. government with undermining the duly enacted and judicially upheld Affordable Care Act.

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Vidkun Quisling was an infamous Norwegian World War II collaborator with the Nazis, an executed traitor whose name is the European equivalent of Benedict Arnold. Peter King a quisling? Seriously? Is this what political dialogue has sunk to in this country? The answer is yes, until the intended audience for such vicious nonsense repudiates it.

Zachary Murdock, Cold Spring Harbor