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Letter: Politicians trade power for money

Nassau Republican chairman Joseph Mondello and the Nassau

Nassau Republican chairman Joseph Mondello and the Nassau Bar Association split over one of Mondello's state Supreme Court picks, District Court Judge Anna Anzalone. Photo Credit: Newsday / Karen Wiles Stabile

Is there any chance that corruption in local politics can be stopped? The system thrives on getting more money and perks for people who get elected [“Mondello gets mad,” News, Dec. 17].

Call me silly, but politicians say they get into public office to help people, which might happen if the politician helps a constituent find a lost dog.

When it comes to the real stuff, never. They keep trading power for more money. I’m not sure what anyone can do, aside from voting for a new crook.

I wish Michael Bloomberg would run for office again. He had common sense and didn’t need to sell us out.

Brian Martin, West Islip