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Letter: Politics has hurt LIPA effectiveness

A LIPA electric meter in a Garden City

A LIPA electric meter in a Garden City residence on June 4, 2013. Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan

What has happened to the Long Island Power Authority? Newsday published two articles — “Plan to pressure LIPA” [Dec. 20] and “LIPA Budget $3.586B” [Dec. 21] — that highlighted how our once-heralded LIPA is now just another ineffective New York State board stuck in its own bureaucratic tracks.

LIPA was first designed to be an independent state authority. The trustees were to be elected by the ratepayers and accountable to ratepayers. Their duty was to oversee the efficient, low-cost delivery of electricity via power purchase agreements.

Unfortunately, the state legislators and governor at that time decided that politics should play a greater role in LIPA’s and Long Island’s future. Most of the trustees were political appointees chosen by the governor. The remaining posts were appointed by Senate and Assembly leaders.

Ratepayers have suffered from Albany’s meddling and the deterioration of effectiveness of the LIPA board.

Phil Healey, Massapequa