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Letter: Polluter exposed to hazards himself

The Lawrence Aviation property in Port Jefferson Station,

The Lawrence Aviation property in Port Jefferson Station, now a superfund site, was once used to manufacture titanium sheets used in the aeronautics industry. Credit: News 12

The Dec. 12 news story "Asbestos rap at parts plant" says the owner of Lawrence Aviation in Port Jefferson Station is charged with illegally removing asbestos from metal pipes at the closed plant. The owner allegedly told two workers that there was no asbestos involved. Asbestos must be handled as a hazardous material, making the removal more expensive.

The two workers referred to "a cloud of white dust" created by their removal of the covering.

One of the two, Thomas Datre Jr., a Ronkonkoma contractor, is a suspect in another hazardous materials case: the dumping of 50,000 tons of contaminated waste at a number of sites in Islip, including a park and a neighborhood for veterans.

This contractor, who was not charged in the Lawrence Aviation case, has been exposed to asbestos and may now be awaiting signs of his own deteriorating health and well being. Is this not poetic justice?

Jerry Schreibersdorf, Douglaston