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Letter: Poor choice to describe adoptees

A police photo unit takes photos as Suffolk

A police photo unit takes photos as Suffolk County police officers investigate around the home at 358 Livingston Avenue in Babylon where Joseph Kearns, 33, fatally stabbed his mother and injured his sister, police said, Friday, Sept. 12, 2014. Credit: Steve Pfost

I was dismayed that the news story "Double stabbing" [Sept. 13] reported that the family involved "had nine children of their own and had adopted other children over the years."

As the mother of a child who was adopted, I can assure you he is my own child. As a psychologist who specializes in helping families formed through adoption, I know that some children wonder how much they truly belong in their families.

Newsday does not help by perpetuating the stereotype that children who were adopted are somehow less than full members of their families.

Eva M. Ash, South Huntington