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Letter: Possible bias routinely considered in courts

An undated photo of the Supreme Court building.

An undated photo of the Supreme Court building. Credit: Getty Images

I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and Judge Gonzalo Curiel appears to be an excellent jurist [“Zeldin’s view,” News, June 8]. However, it’s disingenuous for the news media and politicians to be shocked by Trump’s claim that a judge might be biased because of his ethnicity or religion.

The judiciary has always acknowledged the possibility that bias might taint its proceedings. Every day in courtrooms all over America, jurors are selected or dismissed based on their gender, race, ethnicity, age or religion — and no one thinks twice about it.

Judges recognize the influence of bias when they recuse themselves from court cases. In fact, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor herself has remarked often about the influence her Latina background has had on her court decisions, which, by the way, Democrats applaud and Republicans criticize.

No political issue is ever as clear-cut as the media and politicians would like it to be, especially in today’s heated political climate.

Carol Sefick, East Meadow