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Letter: Postal Service shouldn't expand

The column by Daniel Akst about rescuing the Postal Service through a postal banking system ["Let's bank on -- and save -- the Postal Service," Opinion, April 30], and the letters in support, are scary ["Post office banking is a good idea," May 15].

The primary justifications offered are that it used to be done here, and that it is done in Europe. Well, there used to be diseases that people died of that are now curable, there used to be no flush plumbing, and it used to be that the few people who could read had to do so by candlelight. There are lots of things that Europe does that we should not copy.

More important is that this idea encapsulates everything that is wrong with the big-government philosophy. The primary motive is to keep a government function -- one that has lost most of its reason for existence to technology -- and make it even bigger.

No business should be too big to fail, including government agencies.

Bill Lau, Kings Park