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Letter: Power plant must be demolished

The Glenwood Landing power plant in 2011.

The Glenwood Landing power plant in 2011. Credit: T.C. McCarthy

Karin Barnaby's plea to hold off demolition of the Glenwood Landing power plant until we can fully consider how the building might be repurposed ignores that National Grid in April 2013 already presented a lengthy alternative-use analysis ["Give new life to Glenwood Landing," Opinion, Feb. 21].

The analysis gave the option of converting the power station into a multipurpose building with office, retail and restaurant space, a marina and a public walkway over the water, with a price tag of more than $100 million.

The analysis also stated that this station lacks one key to re-use: location. The most successful reuse projects have been easily accessible and in high-density areas. Glenwood Landing lacks both of these critical elements.

The examples of power plant reuse that Barnaby cites are all part of large redevelopment projects seeking to revitalize blighted urban and industrial areas. This is hardly the same thing as Glenwood Landing, a hamlet among some of the highest-wealth ZIP codes in the country.

Finally, the alternative-use analysis was conducted by an engineer with full access to the power plant and does not agree with Barnaby's assessment of the plant's condition.

Sally Sotirovich, Glenwood Landing


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