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Letter: Precinct rebuild plans too costly

Artist's rendering of the Nassau County Police Department

Artist's rendering of the Nassau County Police Department 4th Precinct building. Credit: Nassau County Govt.

The article "$27M for police digs" [News, Aug. 17] tells of the Nassau County administration's plan to use scarce county resources to fund what appear to be superfluous or redundant projects.

The Eighth Precinct was scaled down to a community policing center because it was deemed unnecessary for it to remain fully staffed. Demolishing the structure that housed this precinct would make more sense than spending $4.4 million in borrowed dollars to construct a bigger and better public palace. Perhaps the land could be better utilized for affordable housing or as a public park -- benefits that would accrue to the surrounding community.

This is just one more example of the county's self-interested direction-setting, reminiscent of the attempt to purchase an old nursery in tax arrears in Bethpage for "educational" purposes. Using Sandy funds on extraneous structures is bad for the federal government, but borrowing Nassau's portion is truly scandalous.

Ronald M. Tauss, Levittown