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Letter: Pres. should swear on Constitution

To be sworn in, President Barack Obama placed his left hand on two Bibles: one belonging to Abraham Lincoln and the other to Martin Luther King Jr. Why the Bibles? They are not required. The founders wanted to ensure that Americans of any faith (or no faith) could hold federal office.

Three presidents have been sworn in without using a Bible: Teddy Roosevelt, John Quincy Adams and Lyndon Johnson. Adams said that even though he was a deeply religious man, he wanted to demonstrate by swearing on a law book that he recognized there was a separation between church and state. He wanted to emphasize his loyalty to our nation's laws above all else.

How many presidents and other elected officials swear to uphold the laws of our country with their hands on a Bible, then go on to break many laws and ethical rules? It's really about the person's moral code, not a 30-second oath.

The fundamental foundation of our nation is the Constitution. The president should affirm that by swearing to execute the office with his left hand on that document.

Kerry Prep, Huntington