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Letter: Preserve Plum Island as a refuge

Environmentalists want the wildlife on Plus Island protected.

Environmentalists want the wildlife on Plus Island protected. The lighthouse is seen here in 2005. Photo Credit: AP / Bill Davis

The federal government is planning to sell Plum Island after the animal disease center there is transferred to Kansas [“Preserve the treasure that is Plum Island,” Editorial, March 28].

The 840-acre island is just two miles from Orient Point and boasts a unique environment where rare flora and fauna thrive, along with Long Island’s largest seal colony. It has historic sites dating to the Spanish-American War.

New York and Connecticut senators have proposed that, instead of selling the island to the highest bidder, it be turned into a national park or wildlife refuge. This pristine environment should be preserved to be enjoyed for generations rather than falling into the hands of developers. For once, we should refuse to pave paradise to put up a parking lot.

Connie Leo, Massapequa