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Good Morning

Letter: President Trump tells the truth about Europe

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker meets with President

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker meets with President Donald Trump at the White House on July 25. Credit: Pool / EPA-EFE / REX / Shutterstock

Several readers commented on representatives of other nations laughing at President Donald Trump during his UN address [“Trump spoke, and others laughed,” Letters, Oct. 1].

Actually, representatives of the European Union were probably laughing at themselves out of embarrassment! He told them their political and economic policies were destined to fail, and they did not want to listen.

When Trump threatened tariffs against the European Union, EU members laughed and threatened the United States — and the EU president came to the United States to stave off tariffs.

When Trump criticized NATO members for not paying their fair share, the Europeans chuckled and mocked Trump — then agreed to pay more money toward their own defense.

Trump attacked globalism and the Europeans laughed. The horrific terrorist attacks in Europe can be attributed to the open borders of the EU, which is so inundated with unvetted migrants that the situation is beyond repair.

Robert Kralick, Glen Head

No need to mention Jose Reyes’ arrest

Jose Reyes, a favorite of many New York Mets fans, including me, has probably played his last game as a Met.

In “Reyes bows out as well” [Sports, Sept. 30], Newsday sports writer Laura Albanese felt compelled to mention that he had a domestic-violence arrest. Really!

We are celebrating a fan favorite and you felt that was needed information? Sad that this country has come to this.

Jeff Ward, Medford

Compost leaves where they fall

“Managing a load of rubbish” [News, Oct. 1] tells about disposal of organic waste in Smithtown. But 20,000 tons of leaves is not rubbish. Smithtown’s leaves ought to stay where they fell, under trees. It is about time all Long Islanders compost leaves at home. The consequence would be increased soil fertility. Leaves rubbish? Rubbish!

Tom Stock,