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Letter: Pressure is another sign of a heart attack

Job growth in NYC is led, in part,

Job growth in NYC is led, in part, by the health care sector. Credit: iStock

In the Aug. 7 Act 2 story “Heart attack’s many guises,” several survivors said they felt throbbing or shooting pains in their chests or arms.

As a survivor myself, I know that when doctors speak of chest pain, they also mean pressure that does not rise to the level of pain.

Ten years ago, with no indication of heart disease, I experienced an odd feeling of pressure in my chest. I could easily have dismissed it because I could exercise and breathe without difficulty or pain. However, I asked my wife to drive me to the hospital right away.

We live four minutes from the nearest hospital, and I walked in under my own power. After a brief examination, I was shuttled into the emergency room, where I lost consciousness. I was revived, and an ambulance rushed me to a tertiary care facility. After a defibrillation, I received an emergency quadruple bypass.

I am here today only because I responded immediately to what was only a painless feeling of pressure.

James Moyssiadis, Port Jefferson