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Letter: Prevent explosions by venting boats

A boat refueling at the Manhasset Bay Marina

A boat refueling at the Manhasset Bay Marina in Manorhaven went up in flames Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014, killing one man and forcing a burning victim to jump into the water, authorities said. Credit: Scott Leonard

The story about the boat explosion in Manhasset reminded me of an almost identical event one summer in the early 1970s in Huntington ["Gas fumes eyed in fatal boat blast," News, Aug. 22]. I was a seasonal bay constable at the time.

There were no fatalities, but the blast threw everyone overboard into the water. The explosion occurred at a gas dock after refueling. We towed other boats from their moorings, away from the flames, while the Suffolk County police extinguished the fire. The boat burned to the waterline.

Please remind all boaters to vent their bilges, clean up spills and open hatches after refueling. It only takes a few minutes.

Don Huber, East Northport