In her column “Nothing absolute in ‘bathroom wars’ ” [Opinion, April 28], Cathy Young states that the controversy over public bathrooms is less a question of safety than privacy. I believe it’s all about safety.

Without the North Carolina law, any man could legally enter a restroom where women of all ages are at their most vulnerable. A young daughter or elderly grandmother could be undressed and unprotected.

I’m shocked that women’s groups are not up in arms over this threat to our safety.

Adrienne Bryant, Northport


In “N.C. restroom law makes sense” [April 22], a letter writer states that the “politically correct” left is wrong to oppose the North Carolina law that requires a person to use the bathroom appropriate for the gender on his or her birth certificate.

Without the law, the writer says, a man could dress as a woman to harm girls in a restroom. But consider how often that has occurred in North Carolina or elsewhere. Next to never.

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Opposition has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s about preventing an unnecessary and discriminatory law from taking effect.

Carl Borruso, Valley Stream