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Good Afternoon

Letter: Private-sector unions for Suozzi

The headline "Unions stay out of race" [News, Oct. 22] was very misleading.

On Long Island, there are more than 120 local unions, with more than 300,000 of our Long Island neighbors carrying union cards. Of those, 36,000 are in the building trades.

Thomas Suozzi, the Democratic candidate for Nassau County executive, has earned the endorsement of the Long Island Federation of Labor, the AFL-CIO and the Nassau Suffolk Building Trades Council -- that is, every union on Long Island except three.

The Nassau County Civil Service Employees Association Local 830, which is part of the public workforce, has not endorsed either candidate, and the organized labor community understands why. CSEA is bargaining for its survival, so why jeopardize progress in negotiations during an election?

This doesn't mean that Nassau County's public employees, even as they are bargaining with County Executive Edward Mangano, won't go out and support Suozzi.

George Bloom, Farmingdale

Editor's note: The writer is the president of Communications Workers of America Local 1104, which represents telecommunications technicians.