Jeanine Murphy Morelli wrote a beautiful piece describing her experience at the March for Life in Washington on Jan. 25 ["At a protest, a toddler tells a story," Expressway, Feb. 2]. What was especially profound was her ability to integrate the story of one young mother with the message of the pro-life movement.

I'm the mother of Katie Farrell, who was mentioned in the piece, a 23-year-old college student who was stabbed to death last March by her son's father, who then took his own life. My daughter wrote a college essay, and then lived and died the message that a pregnancy may be unplanned, but a child is not a mistake.

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Morelli mourns the loss of millions of babies to abortion, and finds comfort in the decision of one young woman who chose life for her child. As Katie's mother, I am overwhelmed that my daughter's tragic death has brought forth a beautiful message.

While we in the pro-life movement were thrilled to see this story a week after the march, it amazes us that more in the media did not report a demonstration attended by thousands of people.

Clare Farrell, St. James