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Letter: Promote academics as much as sports

This file image shows teens sitting in a

This file image shows teens sitting in a classroom and raising hands to answer aquestion. Credit: iStock

Sadly, sports are very highly valued in this country, often over academics. Although people and school districts may claim otherwise, how can this be true? My school district, Half Hollow Hills, managed to put together $1 million to make a second football field a couple years ago, but it doesn't have money to sufficiently compensate teachers working long hours for what I call "academic high school sports" such as the robotics team.

Sports are nice, but they should not have more support and funding than their more important and useful academic counterparts.

Newsday, among other newspapers, perpetuates this by having sections for high school sports, allowing parents and relatives to keep up with their favorite teams. Newsday doesn't have a section dedicated to academic accomplishments, even though it prints a zoned school news page on Sundays in LI Life. The coverage is not equivalent.

Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin, Melville