The major critique of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ vow to provide free public college education, improve America’s infrastructure and revolutionize the green energy sector is whether funds are available [“Sanders takes message of inequality to Baltimore,” News, Dec. 9].

Inadequate government funding resulting from insufficient and inappropriate taxation has caused the variety of problems the Democratic presidential candidate is trying to address.

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America’s infrastructure is rated as D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers. An unsuccessful and financially oppressive education system has caused a global ranking drop from 12th to 16th place for 25- to 34-year-olds holding degrees in 2011, according to The Washington Post.

In addition, subsidies and grants for research and development of innovative green technologies are not close to what they need to be. By adjusting the progressive income tax rate, eliminating certain tax loopholes and taxing unearned income and undesirable activities, Sanders’ pledge to solve these problems would undoubtedly be possible.

Daniel Busi, Huntington