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Letter: PSEG should trim trees near power lines

Utility poles line Old Stone Highway in Amagansett

Utility poles line Old Stone Highway in Amagansett in East Hampton on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. PSEG Long Island installed in the town 267 poles that were coated with a wood preservative and pesticide called pentachlorophenol -- a toxic chemical that has spurred resident concern. Credit: Brad Penner

The unfortunate electrocution of a tree trimmer reminds us that that sort of work should be done by PSEG Long Island [“LI man electrocuted,” News, June 20].

I told the company that a small tree limb was touching a power line near my home, and other branches were very close to other lines. Workers came but only left a note saying the limb did not pose a hazard, and any branches over my property are my responsibility. Really? Can they tell me how to remove them safely? I don’t think so.

William Bertini, West Islip