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Letter: PSEG surge caused $2,602 in damage

A PSEG Long Island truck on July 10,

A PSEG Long Island truck on July 10, 2014. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

PSEG Long Island should change its incorporation status from LLC, or limited liability company, to NLC, no liability company [“Feeling powerless,” News, Jan. 29].

In February 2016, a PSEG power surge destroyed our standby generator transfer switch. For months, we requested reimbursement of $2,602 to replace it.

Ultimately, the company resorted to the “tariff” provision as referenced in your news story as a rationale for not honoring our reimbursement. Our story and that of the woman described by Newsday are pretty much interchangeable.

Is it any wonder that PSEG ranks 14th out of 16 Northeast utilities in customer satisfaction?

Arthur F. Rizzi Jr., Huntington