As Al Gore pointed out in his visit here last week, Long Island has suffered the brunt of the type of storm we can expect to see more of, unless we reduce our carbon-based fuel use ["Gore to LI: Back laws to halt global warming," News, March 9].

Long Island has a great opportunity to support federal climate legislation and help create green jobs in our region. Solar and wind manufacturing and installation could be happening right here, instead of overseas. That's why Renewable Energy Long Island and 125 organizations like ours support the American Clean Energy Agenda, which calls for going beyond business as usual.

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It asserts that taxpayer dollars should support an energy system that protects public health, promotes energy independence, and ensures the economic well-being of all Americans. It also calls for guidelines for smarter public investment in clean energy.

We should emerge from superstorm Sandy smarter and wiser, and engage all levels of government in protecting our environment while creating local jobs.

Beth Fiteni, East Hampton

Editor's note: The writer is the program manager for Renewable Energy Long Island, an advocacy organization.