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Letter: Public needs to hear truth about Russia

A Republican memo, written under the direction of

A Republican memo, written under the direction of House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, seen on Feb. 2, 2018. Credit: Bloomberg / Alex Wroblewski

The memo written by House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes was an attempt to distract and discredit the investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller [“Trump views memo on the FBI as vindication,” News, Feb. 4]. The memo is a sham. It contains incomplete information.

Republicans punted on a similar document produced by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, saying the president and the Justice Department should decide whether to release it. This is unacceptable. For our government to function, the American people need to hear both sides of an issue. This memo needs to be released.

The Nunes memo went after the Department of Justice and the FBI, two organizations designed to protect Americans from threats within our country. To degrade these institutions weakens our democracy.

We need to know the truth about the links among Russia, our president and our electoral system.

Brian Zimmerman, Massapequa