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Letter: Publish texts of errant drivers

Car driving along a road.

Car driving along a road. Photo Credit: iStock

A days after a deadly limo crash in Cutchogue, the driver of a bus carrying 45 people to the Hamptons was videotaped texting while driving ["Bus driver fired after texting video posted," News, July 29].

In addition to any criminal prosecution, drivers caught texting should have the contents of their texts posted in public, so we can see what trivial, moronic gossip was so urgent that these drivers had to jeopardize lives.

Let that text, and the fact that it was written while driving, be an indictment of their character. Privacy rights? Well, there are laws about texting and driving that these drivers flagrantly don't adhere to, so how can they wrap themselves in the flag when it comes to wanting privacy?

Robert Gerver, Kings Park


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