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Letter: Put campaigns on a budget

A stock image of a pile of money.

A stock image of a pile of money. Credit: iStock

Richard J. Davis' op-ed, "Let's end money's corrupting influence" [Opinion, May 3], is timely and offers a good and time-tested solution. A letter in the same issue, "Take influence from donor class," also hit the target. The influence of money in campaigns is diminishing the power of the people and threatening real democracy.

But let's take it one step further. A limit on campaign durations and a radical change in campaign financing would ensure that voters' power would remain the most important building block of our great system.

Limiting the time candidates are allowed to campaign (six months?) would reduce the cost of these campaigns and the need to raise ridiculously high amounts of money, reducing the influence of Big Money.

The creation of a government fund to give each eligible candidate a set and equal amount of money for the campaign -- banning outside donations -- would create a level playing field. As an added bonus, it would allow us to see how each candidate can function within a budget.

Joseph Willinger, Selden