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Letter: Questioner dismissed as 'birther'

Jean Stapleton, left, and Carroll O'Conner in

Jean Stapleton, left, and Carroll O'Conner in "All In The Family." Photo Credit: CBS Handout

Anne Michaud's column "Who are today's Archie Bunkers?" [Opinion, June 6] is the epitome of liberal condescension, written with elitist arrogance to demean Americans with conservative leanings. Reminding us of Archie as a bigoted, aggrieved working-class white man made bearable by lovable "Dingbat" Edith, the writer goes hellbent assigning negativity to straw men constructed for her modern-day Archie.

It never dawns on her that Archie was not really a bad man who worked for his little Queens house, wasn't on welfare, provided for Edith and family, and loved his daughter despite her guy, the liberal "Meathead." Archie didn't dishonor the flag, didn't smoke weed. We never saw him drunk or beating Edith, and I doubt he stole or cheated at poker. No, he seemed a homebody in his house.

Michaud discredits those who question what every American has a right to know about President Barack Obama. To her, we have no right to question his birth certificate, his sealed college records or his passport. All the domain of kooky "birthers."

Questioning against liberal orthodoxy gets you labeled Archie Bunker and an ignorant bigot. This is totalitarian journalism.

Gordon Tomei, Centerport


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