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Good Afternoon

LETTER: Race for governor

Wrong candidates on NY GOP ticket

After watching the debate for governor, you had to wonder if the Republican and Conservative party leadership have buyer's remorse. Imagine if instead of attempting to impose former Long Island Congressman Rick Lazio (who subsequently dropped out) on party members, they allowed Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy the opportunity to run in each respective party primary?

Levy already had name recognition, $4 million in campaign funds and real-life executive experience in managing a large suburban county with a multibillion-dollar budget. Levy has already implemented many of the reforms on the county level that Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo promises to accomplish.

Most of Cuomo's proposed budget, regulatory and good government reforms will be dead on arrival, once reaching Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's desk.

Imagine a ticket of Levy for governor and Paladino for lieutenant governor. Combine their respective Long Island and western New York political bases and campaign funding. The team of Levy and Paladino could have brought real change to Albany.

Larry Penner

Great Neck