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Letter: Raise deer on ranches for meat

A deer walks through Ocean Bay Park on

A deer walks through Ocean Bay Park on Saturday, May 31, 2014, on Fire Island. Credit: Randee Daddona

I was a victim of a serious illness, and hospitalized for more than a week, after a deer tick bite ["Deer cull falls far short of plan," News, Aug. 27]. Deer eat my neighbors' flowers and vegetables, and they cause property damage and auto accidents. Yet, Bambi gets away with it.

Now with winter approaching, the large population will compete for food. The solution is within our capacity.

Newsday ran another story about the roundup of wild mustangs for auction ["They found stable homes," LI Life, Sept. 7]. The same process could solve the deer problem. We could round up the deer and auction them off to those willing to raise them for venison -- just as we raise cattle for beef. We could start a whole new industry.

Years ago while traveling in New Zealand, I saw deer ranches. Deer ranching would be the civilized thing to do, alleviating the hardship to humans and relieving the deer overpopulation problem.

A.M. Kane, Bellport