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Letter: Rape warnings not 'blaming victim'

Stony Brook University's campus on Sept. 10, 2013.

Stony Brook University's campus on Sept. 10, 2013. Credit: Stony Brook University Communications / John Griffin

A March 22 letter, "Attitude of SBU police on assault," claimed that Stony Brook University police are blaming assault victims by tweeting "#SpringBreak #outofanabundanceofcaution #tipstokeepyousafe# 1)never leave drinks unattended, 2)stay with friends or in groups."

Unbelievably, the writer asserts, "We shouldn't be teaching students ways to prevent rape. We should be teaching them not to rape." With this same logic, we should be able to leave our car keys in the car ignition and the car doors unlocked just by teaching people not to steal cars. We should not need to protect our homes by using burglar alarms or video surveillance, or locking our doors and windows.

Teaching not to steal, burglarize, assault, etc., has been taught since the beginning of civilization, but these crimes still occur.

There will forever be wrongdoers. We must all use our heads to protect ourselves, and this has nothing to do with blaming the victim. Sadly, there are those who will commit crimes and victimize regardless of our precautions. But precautions must be taken! Those tweets are exactly what all of us mothers and fathers tell our daughters.

Mace H. Greenfield, Melville