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Letter: Real Americans don’t kowtow

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz addressed the Republican National

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz addressed the Republican National Convention Wednesday, July 20, 2016. He is pictured Nov. 13, 2015. Credit: AP / John Raoux

People who complain that Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Donald Trump have to be made aware of a few things about conservatives [“NY Republicans take aim at Cruz,” News, July 22]: Cruz isn’t our hero. Cruz and his supporters know there’s no way Trump gets past the large number of Democratic voters and his horribly high negatives without true conservative support. That is something Cruz, even if he had wanted to, couldn’t give Trump.

Conservative support isn’t Cruz’s to give. It’s made up of all the individuals who understand what our national charter in the Constitution means, who understand it’s the core of what it means to be American. These are ideas that can’t be given away by any politician, which is the point of having them.

This one election is never as important as our foundational principles. If Cruz had abandoned those and endorsed Trump, conservatives would have immediately abandoned Cruz. Constitutionalists do not kowtow to any old cult leader, as the Trump supporters do. Real Americans never give blind loyalty to despots, dictators or con men.

Doug Broccone, Huntington