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Letter: Reconsider tax rebate checks for everyone

A New York State tax rebate check issued

A New York State tax rebate check issued in September 2014 to families who in 2012 had incomes between $40,000 and $300,000, and claimed at least one dependent child under age 17. Credit: Bonnie Hede Striegel

I agree with the letter writer who said it's deplorable that rebate checks are being mailed to selected taxpayers with children younger than 17 in 2012 ["Widen circle for rebate checks," Oct. 2].

We all pay taxes, so why shouldn't we all receive this rebate? Someone who earns just under $300,000 will receive this check, when there are many others with lower incomes. How is this fair?

This rebate should be looked at again.

Ann Marie Moroneso, Shirley