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Letter: Red-light tickets unconstitutional

A red light camera at an intersection on

A red light camera at an intersection on July 25, 2012. Credit: AP

I read the letters "Red-light ticket late fee scam" [May 19]. The reason these writers got late fees on red-light camera tickets is because the state has no respect for its citizens' constitutional rights.

We have the right to face and question our accuser, according to the Constitution. However, we can't question a camera, can we? So we go into a kangaroo court, and, of course, we are guilty before we speak.

In my case, it didn't matter that I wasn't driving. It didn't matter that the driver was there to testify as the guilty party. The judge said, "You own the vehicle, pay the fine and collect the money from the person that pleaded guilty."

How can that happen in our country?

John Blanco, Manorville