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Letter: Regulate, don't prosecute, sex work

Andre White arrives at the Nassau County District

Andre White arrives at the Nassau County District Court to be sentenced on Friday, April 4, 2014 in Hempstead. White is one of the 104 arrested last year as part of the "Flush the Johns" anti-prostitution sting that targeted the "johns" in Nassau County for the first time. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

The Oct. 8 news story " 'Flush the Johns' charge dropped" illustrates the waste of money spent on prostitution arrests, prosecution and court time.

I'm not discussing moral conduct, as that is between the person and God, not our legal system. Make all the laws you want, spend money to enforce the laws, and tie up the courts to push morality -- which is impossible -- prostitution has been around for more than 2,000 years. I would not desire my granddaughters to become sex workers, but I can understand why some young women do.

I suggest that all sex workers be licensed to work out of their homes or a house, not the streets. All must be physically examined by a doctor monthly and be drug free. All sex workers should work for themselves without pimps, and all should be required to invest 20 percent of their income in a retirement fund.

Clifford P. Woodrick, Moriches


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