Regarding "Liberals need to listen to gun owners" [Opinion, Feb. 26], we have been listening to gun owners all these years. We have allowed the lax handling and oversight to continue, and what we have to show for it are people who amass weapons and ammunition at rates that should disturb most citizens. They threaten our children at school, in playgrounds, at fast food restaurants and on the street. They threaten law enforcement with armor-piercing "cop killer" ammunition, and high-capacity firearms.

The disconnect seems to be that gun owners see any attempt at mandatory registration and background checks as tantamount to confiscation. That is not the case. There are plenty of registered guns out there. What the majority of the public wants are curbs on felons and those with a history of mental illness.

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The argument is that if we put restrictions on those groups, then only criminals will have guns. That argument ignores that there are many gun permits being sought and granted, and sales are up in the gun industry.

The title transfer of a gun should be recorded. We do that for vehicles.

Robert J. Pollack, Bellmore