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Letter: Removing names of dead from rolls

The headstone of Evelyn E. Burwell at Calverton

The headstone of Evelyn E. Burwell at Calverton National Cemetery Calverton. (Oct. 28, 2013) Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

There is a simple solution to the problem outlined in "Deceased voters stay on the rolls" [News, Oct. 31], one the Village of Lindenhurst has used for more than 20 years.

Each town, village or city registrar of vital statistics should file an annual listing of recently deceased persons directly to their respective county boards of elections. As registrars, we certify that these individuals are no longer alive. It is a simple task for the board of elections to then remove the names from voter lists.

There is no requirement in state law for registrars to provide this report to the board of elections. The New York State Department of Health provides death certificate information to the Social Security Administration, but that does not directly ensure that every elections board receives the information. To strengthen the integrity of the voting system, and to address the concerns Newsday reported, it may be time to pass legislation to require this.

If nothing else, the dead would then really be at rest, and not bothered by candidates looking for their votes each year.

Shawn Cullinane, Lindenhurst

Editor's note: The writer is the clerk-treasurer and registrar of vital statistics for the Village of Lindenhurst.