I'm frustrated and disappointed that it has taken so long for Newsday, and voters for that matter, to call out politicians who insist on having their names on signs ["Bravo to less political ego," Editorial, July 31]. It's expensive to keep signs updated.

I've written previously about Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, within a month or two of his inauguration, having his name associated with everything positive about the county. Permanent signs, such as park entrance signs, feature Mangano's name.

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What adds to the waste is the fact that many signs also include the county legislator for the locale, the commissioner overseeing the service, and any town or local official. All these add up to wasted dollars from the taxpayers, most of whom couldn't care less which politicians sponsor a particular site or event.

All officials should follow the example of Brookhaven Supervisor Edward P. Romaine, who is removing his name from town signs and substituting a town phone number for complaints. In fact, all jurisdictions should pass laws to remove individual names from public signs.

Denis O'Driscoll, Westbury